Holidays on the Isle of Man

It's been a busy summer for me, preparing for an OU final examination in Classical Greek, continuing with the novel I've been writing, plus putting together my new poetry collection, BOUDICCA & CO., to be published by Salt Publishing this autumn. So I haven't had much time to think about the Lamb blog - or indeed to follow up various queries about plots in some of my mother's earlier books which have been emailed to me by readers.

As a gesture of contrition, here is a photograph taken last year in the Isle of Man, where my mother made her home from 1977 to the end of her life. This is my husband and my three youngest children (I have five altogether, as my mother did too) making sandcastles on the Ayres beach at the northernmost tip of the island. I've been browsing old holiday snaps recently and chose to post one similar to this on my own writing and personal blog, Raw Light, so I thought I'd post this photograph - a particular favourite of mine - on my mother's blog, since she was so very fond of her grandchildren and would have loved to know these younger ones, sadly born after her death.

Still, I'm sure she would have had something to say about my decision to name my youngest daughter Indigo!


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