Heart of Fire goes Manga!

Heart on Fire: a manga version under Harlequin's Ginger Blossom imprint

Romance publisher Harlequin is beginning to respond to a worldwide liking for manga (Japanese comic-book style) versions of their most popular romantic novels. Earlier this year they reissued yet another of Charlotte Lamb's novels - this time, well-known classic HEART OF FIRE - under their Ginger Blossom line. Same Lamb romance, new and rather beautiful visual twist. Delightful!

Heart of Fire
Claudia's new boss, Ellis, was considered to be a troublemaker—but that was okay because Claudia liked a job that was a challenge. Now they're working together and it's Claudia's feelings that are a challenge and her heart that's in trouble.

You can buy this fascinating new manga version of Heart of Fire by visiting the Harlequin Store, and while you're at it, don't forget to check out their Author page for Charlotte Lamb, where you can read more about her life and follow links to Discussions about Charlotte Lamb on the Harlequin message boards.


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