Gone, But Not Forgotten

I was on a writing course last week for writers of teen fiction, one of my own favourite areas of novel writing. During conversation one evening, I mentioned to the group my mother and her lifelong commitment to writing.

To my surprise, quite a number of the women there - including one of the tutors - had been avid Mills & Boon readers as teenagers and could still remember reading my mother's novels with great pleasure. One was quite upset when she learnt that my mother was dead, as she frequently re-reads her favourite Charlotte Lamb novels and still thought of her as a contemporary writer.

As her best books are re-issued in various formats and editions around the world, including the exciting new Manga versions, I think a whole new generation of Charlotte Lamb fans will be created. If you are one of them, do please drop me an email or comment below this blog post and let us know your experience of Charlotte Lamb romances, thrillers and historicals.


  1. Once or twice I comment on this blog because I'm a great fan of Charlotte Lamb. I've recently read her book Deep and Silent Waters. This is the first book I've read that is not from Harlequin. The treatment is a lot different from what I used to read from her but it still has it's dark and bit disturbed characters that I love. It's a bit different but definitely still enjoyable as all her books had been.

    I'm on a mission to collect all her books, it's not gonna be easy but worth it :)

  2. Hi, I'm from KUWAIT and I'm 32 I have been reading for charlotte lamb since I was 15 Of course it is translated to Arabic but I had to read it in English because I wanted to read her own words..
    oh she is amassing I think their will be no more romans in the world any more:(
    but we always have her novels to make the day for us.
    I hope her daughter is as romantic as her mother.
    all the love to the one who showed me how to love;)

  3. Sorry not to have posted your comment up earlier, qyty. I must have missed the notification.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts though, and Rad too. It means a great deal to read them and know how pleased my mother would have been at your comments.

    I'm not as romantic as my mother, I'm afraid.

    But I do have five children, so I suppose I'm not backward at coming forward either!

    Jane x


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