Charlotte Lamb (almost) in the rain

I found this old photograph of my mother a few days ago, when clearing out some drawers. Not sure when or even where it was taken, but it's obviously quite an early one compared to the other photographs of Charlotte Lamb that I have in my possession.

It's clearly a city. The cars look - to my eyes, at least - American, though that could just be the late Seventies look of the thing. Which would date it to her major US and Canadian tour, organised by Harlequin, that took place circa 1981. (I did actually accompany her on the Harlequin tour, but can't recall if I was 14 or 15 that year.)

Certainly, from the cars, the clothes and my mother's general appearance, I'm guessing this photograph was taken no later than 1982 or maybe 1983.

But who's holding the umbrella?!


  1. What a lovely photograph - thank you for sharing it.

  2. Hello, Jane. Very nice blog to keep your mum's spirit and books alive. I'd like to chat w/you privately, if I may. Please send me an email at


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