Happy Birthday, Charlotte Lamb!

Another year, another birthday message for my mother in absentia.

Born Sheila Ann Mary Coates on December 22nd 1937, she later became Charlotte Lamb, best-selling romantic novelist and mother to five children, including myself.

Charlotte Lamb published over 150 novels under that name and various other pseudonyms, her main oeuvre consisting of romances, thrillers, and historical fiction. She died suddenly on October 8th 2000 in her home on the Isle of Man.

One of her favourite birthday presents was a scarlet-leaved potted poinsettia, cheerfully bright, always available at this time of year, and just cheap enough to be a popular present from one of her kids.

Happy Birthday, mum!


  1. RIP charlotte Lamb. You were/are the best.

  2. Hi Jane, Charlotte is still well loved. I have never counted how many books I have of your Mum's, but I grew up reading them and she was my number one favorite! I'm so glad to learn Charlotte's birthday was in December - mine is December too, it's such a great month :-)
    Belated Happy Birthday Wishes, Charlotte xxx


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