Sarah Holland, aka 'Mouton Cadet'

A few people visiting this blog have enquired about my older sister, Sarah Holland, who followed Charlotte Lamb into the Mills and Boon empire at one stage, publishing some 22 romances with them during the 80s and 90s.

I'm unsure what my sister is up to these days but you can follow her US and UK careers in acting, singing, and journalism here, on her Wikipedia page, where you can also enjoy other photographs of Sarah Holland, most notably with a gigantic plastic sheep in San Angelo, Texas:
'Because of the speed of her writing and the success of her books, Holland was nicknamed Mouton Cadet, a wordplay on Lamb's Daughter, by publishing brothers Alan Boon and John Boon, who then ran Mills & Boon. This industry nickname was later reported in the non-fiction book The Merchants of Venus: Inside Harlequin and the Empire of Romance by Paul Grescoe (1998).'

Whatever did we do before Wikipedia existed?! Here are the titles of Sarah's M&B novels, also taken from that source.

* Too Hot To Handle (1982)
* Tomorrow Began Yesterday (1982)
* The Devil's Mistress (1982)
* Deadly Angel (1982)
* Fever Pitch (1983)
* Bluebeard's Bride (1985)
* Outcast Lovers (1985)
* The Heat Is On (1988)
* Adult Love (1990)
* Desert Destiny (1991)
* Forbidden Passion (1991)
* Last Of The Great French Lovers (1992)
* Ruthless Lover (1992)
* Confrontation (1992)
* Extreme Provocation (1993)
* Ungoverned Passion (1993)
* Dangerous Desire (1994
* Blue Fire (1994)
* Master of Seduction (1995)
* An Obsessive Love (1995)
* The Dominant Male (1996)
* Red Hot Lover (1998)


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