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Found a marvellous Lamb fanblog today on, featuring many, many titles by Charlotte Lamb. Lovely to see there are still such dedicated fans out there, keeping her memory alive. You will not only find a selection of titles and short descriptions of the plots of vintage Lamb titles there, but also some US covers which I have never before seen!

Most of the editions I have in my own collection are either European translations or British first hardback editions. The covers on the Charlotte Lamb hubpages blog are mostly unfamiliar to me, being what look like US first paperback editions, though I do own a few of them. Anyone who has other US or foreign editions and can send me the scanned cover image, I would be ever so grateful.


Click below for the link to see more vintage Lamb titles:

Charlotte Lamb harlequin vintage romance ( harlequin Presents romance ) page 1 of 2


  1. Great covers Jane. I loved the last one best. Caroline x

  2. They're all rather groovy, aren't they?

  3. Jane Holland:

    Any chance that your mom's older titles will be re-released digitally? I would love to have the opportunity to buy them (instead of hunting them down at UBSes).

  4. Eu sou do Brasil e sempre li os livros de sua mãe eu sou fã dela e amoo seus livros...Ela é uma diva das palavras.Faz muita falta livros atuais, mais os que escreveu são um sonho...Ela faz sem dúvida muita falta...


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