Open letter from Wayne Jordan, romance novelist

One of top author Wayne Jordan's Harlequin Kimani novels:

Dear Jane

I read my first romance novel in the mid-1970 and fell in love with the work of authors like Anne Mather and Anne Hampson who were my favorites at that time. This is, until the day I picked up a book by Charlotte Lamb and I fell in love. I’ve read every Mills and Boon your mother wrote and when I discovered she wrote for Silhouette as Laura Hardy, I added those books to my automatic buys. I cannot express my sadness when your mother died in 2000. She’d brought hours of joy and love into my life.

Your mother inspired me to write, and in 2005, I published my first book with Harlequin. My sixth book comes out in October 2010. So your mother’s memory lives on. Each day I write another page of my current manuscript I remember your mother and her wonderfully lyrical way of writing. Unfortunately, over the years the copies of your mother’s books that I own have disappeared after lending them out. Hopefully, Harlequin will reissue some of your mother’s work in digital format as they have been doing recently with other authors. I’ve definitely made my request.

Two of the best places to find a list of all your mother’s novels and the cover art are:

Thank you, thank you for sharing your mother with us. I’m now a published author, but at heart, I’m still that teenager who picked up a Charlotte Lamb book and fell in love.

Wayne Jordan


Thank you too, Wayne, for allowing me to share your thoughts and memories of Charlotte Lamb with my blog-readers. She truly was a great romantic writer and a wonderful ambassador for the genre.

I wish you all the best with your own writing career. May you be as blessed as my mother was!

Jane Holland


  1. What a lovely blog. Caroline x

  2. What a lovely tribute Wayne wrote for your mother! And what a lovely blog you have created to honor your mom and keep her books out there in our collective unconscious.


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