Happy New Year, Charlotte Lamb Fans!

I'm aware that I still owe this blog the second part of my article on The Long Surrender - long overdue, I agree, but events overtook me! - but meanwhile, this is a New Year message to all Charlotte Lamb readers out there and a round-up of how 2010 looked.

A Very Happy New Year to everyone reading Charlotte Lamb novels for the very first time - welcome to the club! - and to those faithful readers with old Lamb editions firmly on their keeper shelves.

This year 'Charlotte Lamb, Queen of Romance' spread its blogging wings to include extracts from diary entries and links to sites such as Smart Bitches, Trashy Books which were featuring discussions of Lamb titles.

The latest of these links has to be the one which arrived in my inbox only this afternoon, courtesy of the lovely Fabiola from a French romance website, Les Romantiques.

At Les Romantiques, Charlotte Lamb features - in a lovingly detailed three page article - as this month's Author of the Month in their spin-off webzine, Issue No. 37, December 2010.

For the French-speakers among us, you can download that issue as a PDF, which is all in French, at this link: http://www.lesromantiques.com/Webzine/Webzinedec2010.pdf

And the latest news is, we may soon be seeing the publication of a digital edition of one of Charlotte Lamb's rare early historical novels, originally published under the name Sheila Holland.

Watch this space for more details!


  1. Ohh how exciting - I would love to read a Charlotte Lamb historical. Do you recall what time period it is set in? My guess is Regency. Am I right lol? Caroline xx

  2. Alas, Caroline, I am not yet at liberty to say, as it would give away the novel under discussion, and that topic is as closely guarded a secret as the National Budget, lol.

    But as soon as everything is official - probably not for some months - I'll certainly start whetting appetites. ;-)

  3. Happy New Year, Jane. I know I've said this before, but the thing which impressed me about your Mum was she was so prolific. I read an article once where she said she could write a book in 3 days. I always searched for her latest titles and they never read as if they had been written quickly - each story always stood on its own merits. She pushed boundaries without probably even knowing it? She was very talented at what she did. Where would the romance genre have been without Charlotte Lamb?


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