Charlotte Lamb and Carole Mortimer

I finally got the scanner to behave today, thanks to my husband's persistence long after I would willingly have thrown the computer across the room. So here at last is a never-before-seen photograph of my mother, Charlotte Lamb.

To see an enlarged version, just double-click the photograph.

Richard Holland, Sheila Holland (aka Charlotte Lamb), Carole Mortimer and Jane Holland (aka Victoria Lamb) 

I'm not entirely sure where this was taken. Any suggestions gratefully accepted. That's my father on the end, of course, then my mother - we seem to be wearing scarily similar floral dresses - then one of my mother's closest friends, the romantic novelist Carole Mortimer, looking smart and professional as ever, and me on the far end.

I would date this photograph somewhere in the late 1980s, or perhaps around 1990. 

Hopefully more photographs to follow, now that I have mastered the secrets of the scanner ... including some classics like Charlotte Lamb with Janet Dailey, with Alan Boon, and so on.


  1. Hi. Please post more photos of Charlotte Lamb in her youth, wedding,..


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