Harlequin begins to reissue Charlotte Lamb titles

Digital edition
For all those who would like to read a Lamb title onscreen, Harlequin has begun reissuing Lamb titles digitally.

At the moment, there are only a limited number of 90s Classic Romance Charlotte Lamb titles available. This is a pity, as her best-loved books were mainly published in the late 70s and early 80s.

However it's likely the hold-up is due to earlier titles not being held electronically. Fingers crossed we see popular early titles like the controversial 'Obsession' and 'Love is a Frenzy' available soon.

Meanwhile here is a small selection of Lamb titles for your e-reader. More are available on the Harlequin E-book site, under Classic Romance.

ANGRY DESIRE by Charlotte Lamb

From the 'Sins' series
Wedding nerves
This was supposed to be the happiest day of Gabriella's life—her wedding day. But last night the fear had finally begun to tear her apart and she knew she couldn't go through with the ceremony.
She could walk out, vanish. But Stephen would search for her until he found her. And then she would have to face the truth: that she was frightened to make love with her husband-to-be!

Love can conquer the deadliest of Sins.


Bianca Milne looks the part of the ambitious female executive, with her sleek, touch-me-not looks and her cool, controlled manner. But there's another Bianca underneath she never lets the business world see. Until she's assigned to buy out Matt Hearne's company.

Matt has hear rumors about Bianca--so how far will she go to clinch this deal? When he's called home to look after his little daughter, Bianca impulsively offers him her help, not anticipating that the enforced proximity will only ignite the smoldering physical attraction between them.

HAUNTED DREAMS by Charlotte Lamb

From the 'Sins' series
Was the grass really greener for Ambrose Kerr?
"I've never told a living soul any of that before."
Emilie stared up at Ambrose, as what he had told her reverberated in her mind. She hadn't really taken it all in—where on earth could he have come from to have lived like that?
He ran his hand through his thick black hair in an angry gesture. "God knows why I blurted it out to you. I wonder if you realize... I've given you a weapon that could destroy me."

Love can conquer the deadliest of Sins.


  1. Oh I just found this site and I had no idea they were releasing her books again. I have been collecting the old Charlotte Lamb books for years. I go to thrift stores and used book shops looking for them.
    I really hope they release Obsession in ebook form. It is really one of my favorites and the copy I have is split in two.

  2. Thanks for letting me know! And please do contact Harlequin and ask for Obsession and other 80s titles to be reissued. I'm afraid that's your best bet for getting it done, as even though there is clearly a demand for the 80s titles, they are very unlikely to reissue them before the 90s ones. Which could mean a wait of several years. Atb, Victoria Lamb

  3. I love Crescendo, one of Charlotte Lamb's Harlequin Presents novels from the 1980's. The book is about a girl named Marina who lives a quiet life in a calm seaside town. She meets an enigmatic stranger named Gideon who awakens her in totally unexpected ways. It's not just what you think. The book has a mighty twist that you just don't see coming. Can't say more without ruining it for anybody who wants to read it. Like the commenter above, I too collect Charlotte Lamb books and I check everywhere for it. Amazon and Ebay are the best places to find the oldies.


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