Charlotte Lamb in the Science Museum

This photograph was taken recently by Lynsey Dalladay, who spotted one of my mother's books in the Changing Culture section of the Science Museum, London.

Crescendo, by Charlotte Lamb, is a gentle fairytale romance that turns terribly dark when Marina begins to remember ... [Photo by Lynsey Dalladay]


Charlotte Lamb.
First published by Mills and Boon 1979
Basslea was a haven, and Marina was totally content there. She had her music and her innocent childlike fantasies. Nothing seemed capable of changing her world--until Gideon Firth arrived.

He was everything she was not: sophisticated, urbane, powerful. And she found herself responding to his magnetism the way no unawakened girl should ....

He seemed to wield a power she didn't understand, until he forced her to recognize the truth for herself. Then Marina realized what was happening to her--and what had happened!

Photograph by Lynsey Dalladay


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