Hot Surrender gets the Harlequin Comic Treatment

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Her work is more important to film director Zoe than any romantic love. That is, until she meets the right man.

On a stormy night, a strange man knocks on Zoe's door. His name is Connel, and his car's broken down in the storm. When a wary Zoe is reluctant to help, he says "I knew it. You're a cold woman, Zoe Collins."

All she can think is, "How does he know my name?"


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  2. I really must read some of these books as I came across a 2 or 3 page feature of your Mother in a magazine, showing a view of the house from the road I think. Her name I remembered when I saw an oil painting for sale on Ebay, in aid of Missionary work, and it looked just like a scene I have viewed, both in person (on the Raad ny Foillan (spelling?) and in the magazine feature. I looked this picture up and it looked rather like the Monks Bridge at Silverdale, but the house reminded me of a view of your family home. I would love to know if I have remembered the lovely house correctly, if not the location. Here is the number if you can spare the time. 231523700359. I made the point of looking on Ebay for your mother's books and noted there was one for sale written in Polish.

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