Bewitched by the Boss!

Bewitched by the Boss!

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# Paperback February 3, 2006
# Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon
# Language: English
# ISBN: 0263846571

This is a trio of classic M&B novels reprinted By Special Request this year, including one by my mother, The Boss's Virgin, which happens to be the very last Mills & Boon she wrote before she died.

The Boss’s Virgin – Charlotte Lamb
He is unforgettable, but her ex-boss Randal Harding does not fit into Pippa’s neatly planned life. She refused to get involved with him, and yet no other man has ever matched up to him. And now he’s determined to prove that Pippa wants him, too!

The Corporate Wife – Leigh Michaels
Her boss had asked her to marry him! Gorgeous, wealthy Slater Livingstone had proposed, and she, plain Erin Reynolds, had said no! As Slater’s PA she already organised his life… So why did Erin wish she’d said yes?

The Boss’s Secret Mistress – Alison Fraser
An affair simply isn’t on her agenda. But Tory Lloyd’s new boss, Lucas Ryecart, is determined to make her his mistress. Working with him all the time, her body betrays her attraction… What comes after seduction?


  1. Ms. Holland, do you know if Harlequin has plans to reissue any of your mother's books? It's frustrating trying to collect series fiction. I'd love to have Charlotte Lamb's entire catalog but it's a daunting task. Especially since she was so very prolific.

    From the beginning Charlotte Lamb's books were different-more mature and realistic. I rarely buy series romance but I always made an exception for Charlotte Lamb.

  2. Hi Barbara, do call me Jane! I'm afraid I don't know if Harlequin has plans to reissue any of Charlotte Lamb's books, though such things do happen occasionally under a sort of Classic Romance label. I know Australian & NZ readers tend to have reissued classics more often than US or UK readers. My father is in charge of the literary estate and we're rarely in touch, so it's hard to answer your question. You may get a better answer by approaching Harlequin direct!

    Good luck in your search - if it's any consolation, even we don't have her entire library of books, since a few of her earliest books have been lost over the years and are no longer in print, also being VERY rarely up for sale at online booksellers.

    Best, Jane


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