IDOL DREAMS - brand-new from Charlotte Lamb!

Click here to view IDOL DREAMS (2006) - a brand-new graphic novel, published by Harlequin Pink and based on an original story by Charlotte Lamb (A Wild Affair).

Dark Horse Manga and Harlequin Books are delighted to present a shining new line of books that marry two of the most successful phenomena to hit bookstores --- best-selling Harlequin romance fiction and female-friendly Japanese manga!

IDOL DREAMS by CHARLOTTE LAMB, with graphic artist Yoko Hanabusa

"Quincy wouldn't have seen this coming in her wildest dreams. What ordinary girl-next-door would? One minute you're sitting down to tea in your kitchen, talking with a friend, and the next - the man of your dreams comes knocking at your door, and he's looking for YOU. Quincy never expected to be swept off her feet by a gorgeous, world-famous pop star, but now that it's happening, she's not sure she's the right one for him.

Swept up in the glamorous thrill of it all, Quincy is worried that it's all happening a little too fast, not to mention her concerns that she's really not the right girl to call a sexy superstar her boyfriend. It's a good thing for Joe that his desire to be with her is as strong as his star appeal!"

Pub. Date: March 08, 2006
Format: Soft cover, 160 pages, b&w
Price: $9.95
ISBN: 1-59307-460-3

Published by Dark Horse Comics, Inc

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  1. Jane, I had the enormous pleasure of meeting your mother on a number of occasions, once at Brown's Hotel for a spectacular tea.

    She was always generous with her time and ready to offer advice when I was a very new, and nervous, author. She's much missed by readers and those who knew her.

  2. Hello Liz, thank you so much for 'dropping by' and it's very good to hear from you.

    I can't imagine you were ever a nervous author but I can imagine the spectacular tea you mention at Brown's. Spectacular meals were a major feature of my mother's life - and her books as well. Her heroes are forever whipping up delicious herb omelettes at a moment's notice for famished heroines.

    Oddly enough, I can't remember my father ever cooking an omelette. Perhaps she was trying to drop him a hint ...

    Jane x


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