"If you love your books, let them go" - The New York Times on the new global phenomenon of BookCrossing

Thought some of the browsers of this Charlotte Lamb blog might be interested in the link below, which is to another of my blogs, the Raw Light blog attached to my website, where I've been discussing Bookcrossing. To find out what this is and how to get involved in catching books in the wild or releasing them yourself, visit my BookCrossing blog entry.

If anyone out there has ever 'found' a Charlotte Lamb novel, either via the official BookCrossing system or simply one that's been left behind, maybe by a holidaymaker with too much luggage or by an absentminded reader on a train or bus, do please let me know which one and how that came about.

I think it's a fascinating idea, deliberately leaving books lying around for complete strangers to take home for free, enjoy and pass on ...

'Instant karma!' (USA Today)


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