RNA Conference in Penrith

I was meant to be heading up to Penrith yesterday for the annual Romantic Novelists' Association conference, but alas my car let me down at the last minute. It just about managed to chuff me over to Ledbury for the Poetry Festival instead, and although I met many old friends there and some interesting new ones, it was still a disappointment not to be able to attend the RNA Conference in all that beautiful wild countryside up towards the Scottish borders.

More on the RNA hopefully in a future post. But next year, I believe the Conference is to be held at Leicester again, which is much closer to me and so I should be able to pop along there for at least one day. I attended the last conference which was held in Leicester and had an absolutely marvellous time, having the good fortune to be placed opposite Katie Fforde at the main Conference dinner and being able to chat with her and many other successful romantic novelists in the bar afterwards ...

I do heartily recommend the RNA Conference for anyone who is interested in writing a romantic novel or has already done so but is not yet a member of the RNA. The workshops are extremely helpful and the social element of the conference is certainly well worth the cost of the trip. There's little better than being able to chat to so many other writers about writing and life over a dry white wine when you've been stuck behind a desk the rest of the year, sometimes enjoying the solitude, sometimes wondering why you bother!


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