The Boss's Virgin:''Cracktastic''?

Found this review of The Boss's Virgin, from February 2008 on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books the other day. Odd how these things keep cropping up. If you spot any other Lamb-related stuff out there on the net, do please drop me a line with the link.

The Boss's Virgin was the last category romance my mother wrote. It was published the year after she died, in May 2001. This is the UK edition cover ...

and this is the US Harlequin Presents edition (sorry it's so much smaller) ...

And here is a teensy extract from what 'Sarah' of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books had to say about this final Mills & Boon romance offering from Charlotte Lamb, likening it to Roofies and crack cocaine!

It’s cracktastic, sudzy, over the top, silly and utterly insane fizzy candy, and I cannot put it the hell down. It’s a horrible turn-the-page omg-what-next experience, reading this book. What is IN this book? The utterly frothy insanity is just too absurdedly entertaining to put down, and even though my ability to suspend belief deflated by page 3, I am still reading at a crackalicious pace simply because I cannot stop myself from wanting to know what crazy ass car will be loaded next onto the holy crap locomotion. Seriously.

Read more of that review, and the lively comments that follow it, here!


  1. Umm what can I say! Sounds as if the reviewer was on something when she wrote it - lol. Caroline x


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