Lamb continues to intrigue and outrage readers

Tonight, somewhat belatedly, I found yet more interesting, angry, intrigued and dismissive comments on one of my mother's classic dark novels - is it a romance, or a novel about two people compulsively and dangerously in love? - Dark Dominion.

Read them here at Racy Romance Reviews.

The review of Dark Dominion is a few months old, but worth pursuing if you're interested in Charlotte Lamb and her legacy.


  1. Thanks for the link, Jane. As you can see from the post, lots of strong reactions, positive and negative, to your mother's writing. I think everyone hopes they can leave that kind lasting mark on their field.

  2. Yes, indeed. To find people still discussing a book - written in a genre typically considered 'pulp fiction' by the literati - thirty years after its publication is some indication of its impact on readers. You hit the nail on the head when you spoke of Lamb's ability to grab you as a reader and refuse to let go even while you may find the material with which you are being presented extremely problematic - and often dated. I would hesitate to compare her to Austen, but there are similarities in terms of my mother's understanding of people and their closest relationships, an understanding which informs her writing at the most basic level - and it is THAT which grabs and shakes us as readers, even long after the apparent 'sell-by date' on her fiction.

    Thanks for stopping by, and do let me know if any more Lamb reviews or discussions come up on your site.

    Cheers, Jane

  3. I recently re-read this - a very good book. I'm 21 but I love the Harlequins written in the 70s and 80s; I like the fact that they are un-pc and that the hero's are alpha. Afterall, you have to remember the period these books were written as well as the fact you read them to escape so extremes always make for better plot and reading.

    Aside from DD, Forbidden Fire, Abduction and Temptation are among my favourite Charlotte Lamb books


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