Happy Birthday Charlotte Lamb!

Born Sheila Ann Mary Coates on December 22nd 1937, my late mother, the novelist Charlotte Lamb, would have been 70 years old today.

She was a wife and mother of five, also now grandmother of five. Not to mention a dedicated best-selling novelist whose books were translated into almost every language in the world. She died suddenly, of a heart attack, seven years ago in October 2000. Still very much loved and missed!

This is Charlotte Lamb, pictured with me on a family holiday in France, sometime in the early eighties.

Apologies for the poor quality but these old photographs don't always scan well. It looks like the Loire Valley, with that romantic castle tower in the background. Though it could have been somewhere in the South. We certainly look like we've caught the sun.

So, a rare shot of Charlotte Lamb with a wine glass in her hand. Although her heroines often indulged in dry white wine and the occasional sophisticated cocktail, my mother was a serious non-drinker. So much so, in fact, I can't remember ever seeing her drink alcohol.

I think this must have been Coca Cola masquerading as Burgundy!


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