In Memoriam Anne Weale

It was with great sadness that I learnt recently about the death of one of my mother's oldest friends, Anne Weale.

Charlotte Lamb and Anne Weale were both compulsive letter-writers, and after the invention of the fax machine (though before email became popular) they would fax each other sharp, witty, and incredibly detailed multi-page letters on a daily basis. Indeed, it was not unusual for them to send and receive these lengthy faxes several times in a single morning, knocking a topic like romance editing, the latest bestsellers, cover images for a new book, or even some hot publishing gossip back and forth like a couple of top-notch literary tennis players!

I'm sure if my mother had lived to see the widespread use of email, their daily correspondence would have taken on new and even more epic proportions!

For the past few years, Anne Weale had been blogging on literary and other matters at Bookworm on the Net, amongst other writing tasks she was involved in. She was kind enough to mention this Charlotte Lamb site several times on her blog, inviting people to come here and read it. Her death has left me saddened and chastened, knowing that I have not been blogging here as frequently as I used to.

I hope to make up for that in the future. Especially since my father recently sent me a few photographs and other items that belonged to my mother that I can blog about here.

Meanwhile, here is something written by Kassia Krozser last month on 'Romancing the Blog' about Anne Weale and her legacy: Thoughts from a Disorganized Mind.

The comments make interesting reading too.


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